Our key benefits V/s Authorized Service Centre / Other repairer

Our Advantages
Authorized Service Centre
  • All make repaire and service provider
  • We provide component level repair service
  • We provide repair to old as well as new technology control circuit design. Discontinued and obsolete models repair service is also provided by us.
  • Reasonable & economic cost of repairing due to component level repairing.
  • Time saving: in normal case we generally provide repaired jobwork within 7 days of customer order confirmation.
  • Jobwork status can easily be tracked.
  • Repair and service is limited to their products only
  • Repair job is limited to PCB/card level
  • Repair is not provided to discontinued models or obsolete models.
  • Cost of repairing is very high due to card level repairing and other corporate overheads
  • Time consuming normally 1 month or more.
  • Not easy to track jobwork status